Das Schwulenreferat (The Gay Division)

Women love men, men love women, and that’s how things have always been? Wrong!

Homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people have existed as long as humanity has. They’ve been seen as strange for just as long and have been frowned upon in most cultures.
Some things have changed for the better in Germany and in the EU, where antidiscrimination laws have been passed and marriage has been opened for all, but society’s ways of thinking can’t be changed from above.  Same-sex love is still seen as something “lesser” than heterosexual love.

“Fag” is still a popular insult, the so-called “Homo-Ehe” (same-sex marriage) is a second-class union with many responsibilities and few rights, the Catholic Church (among others) see homosexuality as a valid reason to fire its employees, and counseling centers for gays, bisexuals are increasingly being restricted or closed down at federal, state and local level.

The aim of the Schwulenreferat is reaching acceptance and a society in which homo- and bisexuality are seen as ways of life equal to heterosexuality.
The activities of our division are expressly targeted toward people of all sexual identities.

The work of the Schwulenreferat is focused in three main areas: consultation, public relations, and education.
During our weekly open consultation hours, you can ask us for advice regarding your worries and problems, whether it be about discrimination in your internship, help with the coming out process, or if you’re just looking for information about the Bielefeld scene.

Division member (Referent): Currently noone. For Questions or if you want to apply for this position please contact:


Consultation hours:
Arranged on an individual basis!

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, send an email to schwul@fh-asta.de