Das Antifa-Referat (Antifa Division)

We all know that racist and fascist tendencies are out there. They emerge from the center of society and are fed every day by nationalism, competition and fear of failure. These views are spreading more and more; it should be clear that universities are not unaffected.
It is important not only to address extreme right-wing groups, but also the topics that are used to make (extreme) right-wing views socially acceptable and to spread misanthropic, racist ideologies. 
For this reason, beyond racism and fascism, we also address topics such as migration, globalization, anti-Semitism, historical revisionism, and patriotism.
With educational events and discussions at the FH Bielefeld, we want to promote the public analysis and discussion of these topics. We also aim to show students how they can recognize and oppose right-wing views (or groups). The recognition of these kinds of views is getting more and more important, because even at universities in NRW, speakers are occasionally invited without clear affiliations to a political group or alignment – sometimes, they are advocates of racist or anti-Semitic positions.
In addition, we can also arrange contact with (victim) consultation centers and advertise events and offers that fit into our thematic areas of focus.
We offer consultation upon request.

Division members (Referent*innen): Eva Marie Gabriel and Jo-Ann Garcia Duarte