Das Migrationsreferat (Migration Division)

The Migrationsreferat attends to of the interests of foreign students.

  • Whether you want to know what language institutions there are in Bielefeld, where cultural events are happening, or where you can get help in a financial emergency, we’re the right contact partner for you.
  • The Migrationsreferat can help students search for apartments, can accompany them to government offices or refer them to institutions that offer help and support in case the Migrationsreferat cannot provide any help itself.
  • The Migrationsreferat provides students support so that they can proceed with their studies in a faster, more effective manner, e.g. by organizing German courses to accompany their studies.

If you’re not sure who you can contact with your problems and worries, go ahead and contact us.

Staff member: Kuba and Katharina