Das Referat für Feministische Politik (Division for Feminist Politics)

For us, feminism is the criticism of (still) existing power relations and the solidarization of people of all genders who are negatively affected by them.
We want to offer all interested parties a starting point for suggestions, for expressing criticism or complaints or the exchange of ideas on feminist topics.

We see sexism as one type of oppression among many others that is always to be seen in combination with other mechanisms of exclusion.
Heteronormativity, the idea of an exclusively two-gender system, and sexism together with racism, anti-Semitism, classism and many others are the basis for exclusion, discrimination, and the (re)production of existing power relations.

During our consultation hours, you can approach us with your personal concerns. If you wish, we can also refer you to other professional advice centers and/or accompany you there.

Current consultation hours:
Dates arranged on an individual basis or via email

Division members (Referent*innen): Mimi and Sarina