The Student Parliament (Das Studierendenparlament, StuPa)

Once a year – usually in May – the student parliament is elected by the students of the Fachhochschule.  The StuPa is the highest board of the student government. Each department can occupy a certain number of seats in the StuPa, broken down according to the current number of students. Voting usually takes place over freely assembled candidate lists of student associations. The StuPa meets monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month in the building of the central administration (Interaktion 1, 33619 Bielefeld, AStA meeting room). A three-person committee heads the meetings and business proceedings.

The StuPa makes decisions on the student body’s budget, determines the amount of the student fee (included in the semester fee, which is paid upon re-registration), is responsible for the Semesterticket as well as all other important administrative student matters. It determines the scope and composition of the AStA and elects its executive committee. It confirms AStA Referent*innen (division members) The exact regulations of the StuPa can be found in the statutes of the student body and the StuPa rules of procedure.